All pfSense/Netgate products come with a manufacturer's warranty, the length of which depends on the manufacturer. -> Guarantee Netgate

The manufacturer's guarantee, if valid, can be made through LanCologne or directly with the manufacturer.

In the case of warranty transactions, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs to LanCologne and LanCologne for the shipping costs back to the customer. The warranty processing can take between 10 and 30 days. LanCologne is not obliged to provide a replacement device during this time. You can mail your defective goods to us for repair after applying for an RMA number. For this you have to follow the following steps:

1. Notify us of the existing error by email or post.

2. Enter the serial number and the invoice number of your product.

3. Describe the item and the defect accurately and in detail. We will review your error description and RMA claims and contact you for additional information if necessary. If the check is positive, you will receive an RMA number from LanCologne. You can use this number to send the defective goods to LanCologne. Returns without an RMA number will not be accepted for repair and will be returned at the customer's expense.

4. Please pack the goods with the original packaging and ensure adequate protection. If possible, insure your shipment, LanCologne cannot compensate for damage in transit or a lost package. Keep the shipment number (tracking number) well.

5. LanCologne will forward your goods to the manufacturer and inform you about the repair status. The repair can take between 10 and 30 days.

6. LanCologne will send you the repaired goods.