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Our flagship full forensic suite that does an automated analysis of Windows, macOS, and iOS. RECON LAB is the ONLY forensic tool that allows for the identification and proper parsing of Apple Extended Metadata.

Minimum Requirements

Macintosh with i7 Quad-Core (required to parse Apple Extended Metadata missed by other forensic tools) Minimum of 16GB of RAM.

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Erfassen Sie die Artefakte, welche von anderen IT-Forensischen Werkzeugen übersehen werden ...

RECON LAB ist SUMURIs neuestes Flaggschiff unter den IT-Forensik Programmen, das mit gesundem Menschenverstand entwickelt wurde. Sie würden einem Arzt keine Operation anvertrauen, wenn Sie wüssten, dass er sich nur die Hälfte Ihrer medizinischen Befunde angesehen hat. Warum sollten Sie als Ermittler weiterhin Tools verwenden, die leicht verfügbare Daten übersehen?

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Automated analysis of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Google Takeout

We are not only software architects and programmers, but also certified IT forensic experts. We are also active developers who have decades of experience that we have incorporated into our software to meet all digital forensics needs.

We automate the analysis of thousands of artifacts from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Google Takeout and more to speed up your investigations and reduce case loads.

Mac Magic... Apple's Advanced Metadata

All Mac operating systems since 2005 have created an additional database of information about their files that can answer important questions and solve the most difficult cases. Apple Extended Metadata can provide you with a wealth of actionable information: who sent it, when it was downloaded, how it was received, when it was viewed, whether it was opened by a human, and more.RECON LAB was the first company to identify, analyze and evaluate Apple Extended Metadata files.

RECON LAB was the first company to identify, analyze and evaluate Apple Extended metafiles.

Reports for the 21st Century

Imagine a new way of reporting where you have control over the evaluation report and everything in it!

RECON LAB includes a full-featured integrated report editor called Story Board.With Story Board, you can not only edit everything in your report in RECON LAB, but also sort your bookmarked or tagged data chronologically! This way you can replay the "story" from beginning to end in the correct order.

Hex, SQLite, Plist, Text, Strings, Exif, Geodata... Lots of artifacts! There is no shortage of viewers in RECON LAB!

RECON LAB includes built-in viewers for any type of data. In addition, advanced viewers like our SQLite Viewer allow you to run SQLite queries within RECON LAB for advanced analysis and reporting!